Top tips to save money on your office furniture

Do you ever feel your budget is just slipping through your fingers ? Here’s how to get more, for less!

Being a small business in today’s tough economy means you’re always looking for ways to save some pennies. If you’re desperately in need of new office furniture, whether it’s static computer desks or comfortable chairs, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get what you need. Here are our top tips for buying your office furniture on a tight budget.

  • Make a plan, Stan: Don’t just run out and buy the first ‘on sale’ office chair you see. Take some time to create a plan for your purchases which will work for you, your colleagues and your budget. What do you need most? What can wait a few months? Think about the future of the business as well as how it is now, and invest in furniture with enough flexibility to accommodate new employees if necessary.


  • Know the costs, boss: Don’t be fooled by low visible prices if there are other costs wrapped into the purchase too. Some online retailers display prices without VAT, without shipping costs and other additional fees. Make sure you know exactly what the total cost is before even contemplating putting in your order.


  • Hit the street, Pete: As much as shopping online often offers savings, shopping locally can have its benefits too. Check out the offers in your high street, see if there are any good discounts available, and ask if they offer a supply and fit service. Having someone taking care of delivering and erecting your new furniture could free you up to do other work, boosting profits instead of tying up your time with furniture building.


  • Ask for less, Jess: The old mantra of ‘don’t ask, don’t get’ is as true in furniture shopping as anywhere else. Of course, a retailer will want to sell you their static computer desks at a standard price, if they can, but if you’re buying several all at once, doesn’t it make sense to ask for a discount? They might say no, but unless you try you’ll never know what you could have saved.


  • Don’t go second hand, Mand: Refurbished furniture might look like a bargain, but that chair has a history you don’t know anything about. It could be flimsy, damaged or dangerous, and that could land you in hot water if one of your employees ends up getting hurt. Plus, ergonomics have moved on lots over the past few years, so if you’re serious about employee wellness and health, invest in a good, supportive chair which will last for years.


  • Shop with us, Gus: Here at Office Furniture Online, we are an internet only office furniture supplier. That means we don’t have all the overheads of running a showroom and employing lots of staff, so we can pass on our operational savings to you. You’ll struggle to find static computer desks, office chairs or filing cabinets at a lower price than ours, so take a look and get your bargain furniture today.

Have you got any other tips for saving money on new office furniture? Let us know!

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Author: John