Choosing a computer desk for a small space

hideaway computer desks
Could hideaway computer desks make it easier to work in your living room?

Not all of us are blessed with entire rooms for our home office. Many of us need to make the most of a spacious hallway, mezzanine area or simply the corner of another room. If you’re looking to set up a working space in a small area, here are our top tips for choosing the right desk for your micro office.

  1. Look for small, well organised workstations

Computer desks don’t need to be big to be good. Many modern workstations are designed to fit in tight spaces, and still offer the benefit of keyboard trays, printer shelves and drawers for efficient storage of all your bits and pieces.

  1. Use vertical space

If you haven’t got much room from side to side, look to heading up to get more storage for your workstation. High level shelves, workstations with built in stacked shelves and other solutions for use of upwards space can offer you more flexibility and useful storage too.

  1. Use less hardware

Having too many peripheral items can make storage a tricky task. If you genuinely need a printer, opt for a slimline all in one so you don’t need a separate scanner or fax. Consider migrating from a tower PC to a high-performance laptop to free up more space under your desk.

  1. Consider hideaway computer desks

Hideaway desks are amazing because they don’t look like you’ve got an office in the corner of your room. Some hideaway computer desks look like cupboards or sideboards when closed up, and can allow you to have a useable computer desk in your lounge or dining room without having to stare at your PC every time to sit down.

  1. Investigate innovative design

Depending on the space you have available, you might be surprised by the new and interesting designs of computer desks that could fit where you need them. Nesting desks have slide or wheel-out side tables, which opens up a space to do paperwork without having to pack away your computer.

  1. Choose your chair carefully

If you already have a chair in mind, you’ll need to make sure it fits well with your proposed workstation. However, if you’re setting up from scratch, do take the time to choose a desk chair that really works for you, and your space. Check measurements for things like arm rests and wheel bases to make sure you can tuck it under your compact workstation easily.

  1. Be more ergonomic

Whatever you choose, make sure you’ve kept in mind the principles of ergonomics. If you’re working on a laptop, you might need a separate monitor on a riser to avoid damage to your neck and back. Wrist rests, footrests and back supports should also be considered to ensure you are taking care of your body while working.

Having a small space for your workstation doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a great workstation. Check out our range of corner desks, hideaway computer desks and ergonomic accessories to create your perfect home office in even the tightest of spaces.

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Author: John