Best practice design tips for your dental or medical waiting room

Waiting room design
Cheer up your waiting room to cheer up your patients

Dental or medical waiting rooms get a bad rap and often with good reason. Often viewed as dull, beige lifeless places, they often heighten the sense in patients that treatment is going to difficult or painful.

Waiting for a while in a waiting room like this, with outdated magazines to flick through, sitting on hard wooden or plastic chairs, is uncomfortable, and can heighten anxiety.

A well-equipped, well-lit and comfortable waiting area can not only cut down on missed appointments, it can also encourage patients to refer your practice on to friends and family – who wants to go to a practice with a dull and dingy waiting room when a modern, fresh waiting area reflects your practice?

If your waiting room is in need of a makeover, read on to find out our top tips for making it a comfortable, inviting space.

5 top tips for making your waiting room more welcoming

1 – Give patients some space

Patients may need to wait for a while before they are seen. Ensure that they feel comfortable by giving them plenty of room rather than cramming seats together. Think about how your chairs are currently laid out – probably in lines facing the front of the room.

While it’s true that patients’ anxiety can be increased by having them facing each other, think about having seats around three walls, with plenty of space. Consider carefully where you position tables and other furniture to ensure that patients feel comfortable.

2 – Make your space comfortable for patients

Get rid of hard, uncomfortable seating. Replace it with soft furnishings that let patients relax a little while they wait. They might require a little more maintenance but if you choose soft but rugged materials, they’ll last.

3 – Brighten up the waiting area

Change the colour scheme from beige or eggshell – you don’t have to go overboard here, even a fresh white paint job with carefully chosen accent colours like natural greens or sunny yellows can help. Blue is often thought of as a calming colour. Whatever you choose, it’s worth looking into colour therapy to help guide you.

4 – Break down barriers

While it’s important to ensure staff safety when dealing with the public, it’s worth considering ways that at least appear to break down barriers. Toughened glass panelling works better than solid walls with only an access hatch. It can open up the reception area completely, protecting staff while seeming more open and welcoming to patients.

5 – Get rid of the wood

Wooden panels and tables can seem dull when paired with the wrong colour schemes and their solidity can take up more space, so when you’re picking out furniture, consider glass tables instead. Glass creates the illusion of space, opening out the waiting room.

And remember to keep those magazines and papers current – no one wants to be reading articles from three or four years ago!

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