When is a bookcase not a bookcase?

Answer – when it’s a mobile library! And this stunning advertisement form the 1902 shows how inventive people become when selling something.

The original advertisement is for the Encyclopaedia Britannica and goes on at length about how useful and versatile the product is, and how it will answer almost all the questions a ‘modern man’ could have on almost any topic. In essence therefore it was setting itself up as the ultimate search engine of its day, but how to overcome the tricky problem if it’s sheer bulk?

Unlike today’s information sources, which can fit in your pocket, these salesmen needed to find a way of convincing the prospective client that their product was flexible, versatile, available when they needed it and didn’t take up much room. Than answer was to create this ‘stunning’ bookcase which was mounted on castors so it could be ‘brought to the side of a writing table when in use’ and rotated so that ‘any desired article may be consulted without trouble or loss of time’.

Of course things have moved on significantly since 1902 and almost 110 years later we can supply an enormous choice of bookcases to meet almost any need from the office to the home. Our ranges blend seamlessly with the other furniture we supply and you can have a beautifully furnished office creating the perfect environment in which to work. And if you’re looking for something that means ‘any desired article may be consulted without trouble or loss of time’, may we suggest this.



Author: John