What employees really need to stay well at work

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If you’re serious about employee wellness, you need to know how to help.

Why should employers care at all about how healthy their employees are? Obviously, you could argue that they have a moral responsibility to want their workforce to be healthy but there are sound financial reasons as well. If, as an employer, you provide health insurance cover or private health care, you will want to limit how much you pay out on this by having a healthy workforce. Also, employees who are sick do not turn up to work because they are too ill to get there or because they are attending hospital appointments.  This loses the employer money.

Sitting at X-Range Office Desks all day is a thing of the past

Companies are pouring a lot of money into wellness programmes. This is money that could be spent elsewhere so they clearly view it as an important issue. The problem is that no-one knows if they actually work. The jury is still out and only time will tell.

There is a debate on whether employees should receive incentives to participate in the programmes. These have not always worked very successfully. The other option is to introduce sanctions where employees do not participate and this is controversial.

It is generally considered that smoking cessation programmes are the most successful. Schemes which encourage employees to be more active and to exercise do not have such great results.

It can be embarrassing for workers to get hot and sweaty at workplace workouts when they are standing next to their boss. These are not everybody’s cup of tea. Step challenges are open to abuse. An element of competition can be introduced by pitting one office team against another but workers can cheat by waving their pedometers up and down instead of actually walking!

Some health management programmes have worked very well. Some chronic diseases, such as diabetes, can be managed very successfully if the employee receives support and advice at work. This prevents them having to take time off and is in everyone’s interest.

Introducing wellness into office design

An alternative approach is to design an office for wellness and this may have more success than trying to force employees onto wellness programmes. If offices are healthy places to work, employees will be keeping well without even realising they are doing it.

The design is based on getting employees up from their X-Range Office Desks as often as possible.

The design stage starts by selecting the location. Inner city locations encourage walking and public transport use because there is nowhere to park the car. This keeps workers active. If you have to choose a suburban setting you could erect signposts to the local park so that workers can go for a stroll at lunchtime.

Stairs should be prominently located near the entrance and scattered around so that you have to walk to reach them. This encourages activity.

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