Pregnant at work: Here’s how to stay well

pregnant at work
Make sure you stay well if you’re pregnant at work

More women than ever before are working through their pregnancies with employers learning to accommodate their needs. However, there are things to be aware of when you’re working during pregnancy in order to ensure you stay healthy throughout.

Simple adjustments can be made to your working environment to ensure that you prevent some of the common symptoms encountered while working in an office during pregnancy. We take a look at some of the easiest changes you can make.

Working during pregnancy – simple tips to remain healthy

Regulate your temperature

During pregnancy, your body temperature is likely to be a little higher than usual. This can cause discomfort and can lead to dehydration. If you’re experiencing a dry mouth, loss of appetite and tiredness, you could be dehydrated.

Make sure you drink plenty of water during the day and regulate the temperature of your working space with a desk fan.

Wear breathable fabrics

Increased temperature, particularly during summer, can lead to sweating – and pregnant women are more prone to heat rash. This can be uncomfortable, especially at work, so wear breathable fabrics that wick sweat away from your skin and help to keep you cool.

Make your desk layout work for you

The layout of your desk defines how much you are stretching, reaching and pulling over the course of the day. Improper stretching to reach everyday items can lead to aches and pains that can be exacerbated during pregnancy.

Take some time to have a clear out – get rid of unnecessary clutter and make sure important items are to hand.

Take regular stretch breaks

Sitting for long periods of time can cause the muscles to seize up and cramp – again, something that can happen more often while you are pregnant. Take regular breaks to stretch, either in your chair or by getting up and walking around.

Instead of emailing your colleague in the other team, take a walk over and talk to them directly.

Alternate between sitting and standing

To prevent cramps and aches, set up your seat properly at your desk and make sure you have armrests, a cushioned seat that is firm and lumbar (or lower back) support. If you’re able to stand to work for certain periods of time during the day, all the better.

Height adjustable desk are becoming more common and allow for you to alternate easily over the course of your working day.

Height Adjustable Desks – how they can help during your pregnancy

Height adjustable desks have become more popular in recent years as employers and their staff become more aware of the impact on health of long periods of sitting. If you’re working while pregnant, a sit-stand desk could be the perfect solution to making sure you stay healthy.

We have a fantastic range of height adjustable desk that ideal for use in all environments. You can choose from manual or electrically adjustable tables in a great range of frames, desktop shapes and finishes. With up to 10 years’ manufacturers guarantees, these desks are built to last, so you can stay healthy if you plan on returning to work once you’d have your baby.

Check out our full range here and if you need any advice on choosing the perfect desk, talk to our friendly sales advice team.


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