London businesses are leading the way in flexible working

flexible working
Embracing flexible working could make your employees happier and more productive.

According to a recent report by conference call provider Powwownow, business based in London are increasingly moving towards flexible working. With flexible working a big draw for young people and graduates, businesses are seeing the benefit of allowing workers the freedom to work between the office, home and out in the field.

76% of young people in London agreed that flexible working is a big draw for them in choosing to work with an employer. Employees increasingly feel that flexible working allows them to work smarter and the increased autonomy improved productivity.

With many London-based businesses agreeing with this, is it time you looked at offering a more flexible range of working options for your workforce?

Why is flexible working so effective?

Among employers who have already adopted flexible working for their staff, the benefits are many. Efficiency savings in having less office overheads improve the bottom line. Flexible working can allow business to offer extended operating hours to clients and customers.

Flexible workers report high job satisfaction which boosts overall morale levels, leading to more productivity and reduced turnover of staff.

It can also improve competitiveness; as other business move to flexible working methods, they become more agile in the market and can quickly react to changes. Those companies that don’t use this method of working are in danger of being left behind.

The bottom line is that employees who are able to work flexibly to manage their other commitments and activities have an improved work-life balance. Satisfied employees are loyal and more hard-working than those who feel they don’t have the autonomy to decide which work pattern works best for them.

What to do if you’re introducing a flexible working arrangement

Before you jump headlong into offering a flexible working policy to staff, it’s worth taking some time to plan the implementation first.

Work out how flexible working can benefit you and your business first – will it allow you offer extended operating hours? Do you miss out because customers can’t contact you in the evening, for example?

Once you have the foundation of a flexible working plan in place, it’s time to consult with employees. Take a poll to find out how many would consider flexible working before you implement any changes. You’ll also need to consider practicalities like IT support – if employees are working from home and something goes wrong, will they have access to support that will get them up and running again quickly?

It’s also worth ensuring that you have sensible measures in place to make sure workers who are off-site remain as productive as those in the office.

When you have your plans in place, you’ll need to set up administration for applications for flexible working and set employee expectations.

With careful planning and preparation, you could find your business moves seamlessly to flexible working and starts seeing the benefits in very little time.

Multi-Person Workstations are perfect for your flexible workforce

If you’re thinking of making the move to flexible working, you need to make sure your office furniture is equipped for the task. Our Multi-Person Workstations are adaptable and are perfect for hotdesking, allowing employees to rotate desk use on a shift basis, for example.

Multi-Person Workstations are a cost-effective and efficient solution to an adaptive workforce and will look great too. They come in a variety of wood finishes, with a choice of coloured screens. Available in a variety of pre-configured layouts, we’ll also work with you if you have a specific configuration in mind.

Look at the full range here and talk to our sales advice team for help in building the perfect office to suit your new flexible workforce.

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