How to make your office feel brighter

Commerce ll white office desks
How to make your office feel brighter

Working in a dark, dingy office space is not conducive to productivity. It conjures up visions of Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit, toiling away at their tall desks and grumpily going about their work under duress.

The best thing, as all office designers would agree, is to have as much natural light in the office as possible. Most new commercial buildings echo this sentiment by incorporating as much light-giving glass into the structure as possible.

Lack of a good natural light source

Where it is simply impossible to have sufficient natural light available, due to an old building design, it means falling back on artificial lighting. However, fluorescent lighting alone may not be enough, and if that is the case, desk lamps and floor standing lamps may be needed to provide the right quality of light in which to work.

If you have enough artificial light, but you still feel your eyes straining, you can try different combination of various shades of light-bulbs

If, after having introduced more artificial light into the office space you still feel it is not bright enough, you should consider painting the walls.

White is usually the best colour, as it is the lightest, but light yellows and/or pastel paint shades could help. These colours, as well as brightening up the office environment, also have the advantage of being easy to match other items of office furniture and equipment to.

Introduce light-coloured office furniture

Of course repainting the walls isn’t the only option open to you. You can also consider putting in lighter and brighter office furniture.

Most offices tend to have dark coloured chairs in them because they don’t show any marks or stains as readily. However, when light (or lack of it) is an issue, the practicality of the colour of office seating may have to be sacrificed for brightness.

Of course once someone is sat in a chair, most of the chair itself is obscured by its occupant, so people too need to think about dressing in light colours as well.

Cupboards are big pieces of office furniture with large surface areas. Tradition office cupboard colours such as dark greens and browns are not too helpful in an already dark environment, but the Commerce ll range of office furniture includes white cupboards and white bookcases, both of which lend themselves to brightening up an office environment.

The addition of Commerce ll white office desks

Office desks are another large item of office furniture, and these too often come in various wood colours. While natural wood colours are nice in terms of their association with Mother Nature, they are not very good when it comes to making the office brighter. A good option to traditional wood colour desks, are the range of Commerce ll white office desks.

When Commerce ll white office desks are introduced alongside white cupboards, cabinets and bookcases from the same office furniture range, they can have a significant effect of the overall lightness and brightness of any office interior.

The small expenditure that is necessary for purchasing light furniture such as Commerce ll white office desks, pales into insignificance when you take into account, not only the mental health and welfare of your staff, but also the increased productivity that working in a light, bright office environment engenders, as detailed in a recent article entitled “How office lighting affects productivity.”

Having a content workforce and gaining increased productivity – surely it’s a no-brainer?

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