Trends for 2017 that will affect your office design

office trends 2017
Stay ahead of the competition with our insightful guide to this year’s hottest office trends.

Keeping the office up to date might seem like an impossible task. Trends are constantly emerging and just when you think you’re up to date, you find out that tastes have shifted. However, every year there are new trends that emerge that are more than just fads – they are the future of the office environment.

Often led by advances in technology and better understanding of how to keep workforces satisfied and productive, some trends look likely to hang around. If you want to remain on the cutting edge of office design and improve company performance at the same time, here are our five top tips for staying on-trend.

Top five office design trends for 2017

Co-working continues to grow

Whether you’re based in the capital or in another city, rent prices are continuing to rise. In a challenging economic environment, the old model of capital-based HQ and satellite city offices is looking increasingly costly – and outdated.

Increasing numbers of businesses are looking at co-working as the way forward. Instead of opening a costly new office, why not look into shared office space? Find suitable partner organisations, either by industry or ethos, and created a shared office workspace. You’ll find that it not only keeps down the costs, but can inject a new energy into your business.

Rather than working in isolation, co-working can allow you to collaborate and share ideas with other, similar business and can help you to more outward-looking and collaborative in your approach.

Live/work spaces

Connected to the previous trend, live-work spaces are becoming more common, and the trend is only set to rise. Cutting down on cost and travel time, live/work spaces are buildings that offer apartments to workers in the same building as the office.

While some may sneer at the idea of living in the same place as your work, canny businesses have turned this model into an aspirational ideal – co-working spaces for small business not only provide accommodation for staff, they also provide a unique business hub, offering business accelerator programmes and mentorship, as well as access to venture capital projects.

Say goodbye to the storage room

We’ve been hearing about the “paper-free” office for years now and while it’s taken a long time to fully arrive, this remains a trend. The key factor that’s held back the paper-free revolution has probably been broadband speed.

Wireless working is crucial and until now, business broadband has been sorely lacking. However, government investment in broadband and fibre optic infrastructure has greatly improved speeds, meaning offices can now dispense with the filing cabinet and storage room, storing everything on the cloud.

The smart office

As technology and wireless speeds improve, the office becomes smarter. Bookable meeting rooms combine with intelligent lighting and temperature systems. Wireless charging pods and the ability to cast your online device to any screen increases flexibility and mobility for staff. Watch this trend continue to grow over the next couple of years.

Wellness is everything

Technology that banishes bulky storage and allows for flexibility is great, but one area where future-thinking is really going to improve business is in staff wellness. The latest trend that follows on from employee engagement, wellness will be everywhere soon.

Natural light, intelligent lighting systems, improved ergonomics and better acoustics all create a better environment for workers, cutting down on sickness absence and improving your company’s bottom line.

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