Since when did a computer need a computer desk?

It is something that we take for granted today, that you can get a dedicated computer desk and that computers are best placed on these desks. But at what point did the computer become an item that needed its own desk?

We’ve been doing some digging and the first real groundswell of press about this particular phenomenon started back in 1983, when computers were still in their infancy. In this year Apple introduced its first home computer with a Graphical User Interface (GUI), known as the Lisa, the spreadsheet programme Lotus 1-2-3 was released and Microsoft announced Windows for the first time. And much as we take Apple, GUI’s, spreadsheets and Windows for granted these days, so too do we accept that computers need to sit on a computer desk.

In just thirty years computers and computing have revolutionised the way we live work, communicate and think. We think that this makes it fitting that computers deserve their own desks, and where better to choose a new computer desk than the range we have on offer at Office Furniture Online.

Initially these desks were created for the office environment but as the spread of computers into homes became inevitable, so did the proliferation of furniture designed specifically for the home office. Today we can offer computer desks in a range of materials, shapes, colours and sizes to meet pretty much every requirement on the home or the office.

Author: John