Office fitness gadgets: Marvel or Myth?

Sit-Stand Office Desks
Are any of these office fitness gadgets really any good?

We are in a gadget-mad age and the office workspace has not escaped! Every time you open up your social media feeds you will be bombarded with the latest innovative, and sometimes whacky, trends in workplace paraphernalia.

Are new fads in office furniture, such as Sit-Stand Office Desks, simply there for our entertainment or do they actually work? Read on to find out if office fitness gadgets can actually do you good or if they are a waste of time!

Sit-Stand Office Desks – is there any point?

The concept of this is easy to understand. Sitting causes a lot of postural problems so don’t do it. Stand up instead. In practice, things may be a little more complicated. There are postural problems associated with maintaining any position for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, standing up for ages is not good for you either. It can lead to fatigue, back pain and varicose veins which are all to be avoided if at all possible. The answer to the problem is changing your position frequently. Therefore, if you have Sit-Stand Office Desks in your workplace you should use them to sit at for some of the time and stand at others.

Treadmill and bicycle desks – can you use them and work?

Taking the stand-up concept a bit further are the treadmill or bicycle desks. Using these you really can burn some calories whilst you are writing that report. It is doubtful, however, if this is an efficient way to work. The brain is trying to concentrate on two things at the same time and this can lead to a loss of focus on the work task. It is likely that writing that report will take you twice as long and it could be full of mistakes. It is also physically difficult to type or to use a mouse accurately when your body is bobbing up and down.

This new gadget may be best for when you are talking on the phone, reading or looking at a video.

Posture trackers

These devices let you know when you are starting to slouch. They give a small vibration so you know that it is time to straighten your back and drop your shoulders. They fix onto your body or to your clothing.

These can be of great use if they encourage a more permanent change in behaviour. As an aid to more long term postural control they can be useful. However, for them to work correctly, you must be using an ergonomic chair that allows you to adopt a healthy posture easily. Otherwise, it will be vibrating all the time and will be very distracting when you are at work.

New furniture for your office

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