10 things guaranteed to make officer workers rage

What really makes your blood boil at work?

We all have bad days at the office and sometimes it is our own fault. We turn up at work in a foul mood and things go from bad to worse. At other times it is what goes on in the office around the X-Range Rectangular Leg Bench Desks, that makes our blood boil. Here are the 10 things that are guaranteed to make office workers lose their rag.

  1. Getting your chair stolen

There is always one chair that everyone wants. Perhaps it is the most stylish or the most comfortable. If you have bagged this one for yourself, you are not going to be pleased when you spot someone else with their bottom on it.

  1. Getting patronised by IT

The IT department have a sense of superiority in most workplaces because the hold the power! Without them a modern workplace grinds to a halt. This can go to their heads and they can get a bit full of themselves. They also make assumptions that the rest of us are stupid. Suggesting that we turn the computer off and back on again when we have already done it three times is guaranteed to wind us up.

  1. Having your sandwiches pinched

Shared fridges are a minefield of office etiquette. You feel violated when someone pinches your sandwiches or even uses a bit of your milk. What a cheek!

  1. Sticky notes aimed at you

Who writes these things? Notes telling you to wash your cup up are guaranteed to make you leave it, unwashed, on the printer for maximum effect!

  1. Having to guard your stationary

Is it really too much to ask to be able to leave your pen on your desk and for it be there when you get back? It seems that it is.

  1. Smug colleagues eating cous cous

If they want to live off rabbit food and fresh air then that is their decision. They have no right to judge you as you tuck into your jam doughnut and tripe chocolate milkshake. Each to their own.

  1. Feeling obliged to sponsor people

Here it comes again. Someone’s kid is sitting in a bath of baked beans and you are expected to stump up your hard earned cash to sponsor them to do it. The problem is that you have no kids and you hate baked beans so you are never going to get your own back.

  1. Coming up with excuses to avoid the work’s party

Working with these people is bad enough. Surely you don’t have to socialise with then as well. How many excuses can you come up with before someone spots that you’re lying?

  1. Reply all emails

You don’t want to see what everybody has to say on the matter because frankly you don’t care.

  1. No X-Range Rectangular Leg Bench Desks

Is it really too much to expect the boss to visit Office Furniture Online and provide you with X-Range Rectangular Leg Bench Desks so that you can do your job in style?

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