The humble flipchart

They stand alone in offices up and down the country and people don’t give them a second glance or thought, but without them the modern office as we know it today would not be the same.

How many managers start their day by presenting to their team on a flipchart? How many pads of flipchart paper must they go through every week and month of the year?  And how did they manage all of this in the days before flipcharts?

The flipchart is said to have been invented by Peter Kent, who later went on to found the Nobo Company whose name became synonymous with these products. And all these years on his simple but clever invention is used for so many things everyday including presentations, capturing the ideas in a brainstorming session, in classrooms, for art and drawing, in sports training; in fact there isn’t a business anywhere that couldn’t do without a flipchart.

And if you are continually finding that the flipchart in your office goes missing then perhaps it’s time to get some more, so you can hold onto yours! Luckily we stock a wide range of flipcharts, with prices starting at just £40 so now there really is no excuse to be without the ‘humble’ flipchart in your office.

Author: John