The Dos and Don’ts of Buying an Office Chair

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The Dos and Don’ts of Buying an Office Chair

Choosing the right office chair is an important furniture decision. After all, your office chair is where you will spend a significant portion of your day, with many of us spending more time in our office chairs than we do on the sofa or in bed. Choosing the right office chair shouldn’t be taken lightly, but luckily there are some great tips available to help you make the right decision.


  • Consider the ergonomics of the chair. You spend hours upon hours sat in your office chair and a chair which has a poor design could be detrimental to your health. Buying a chair with adjustable features is important to ensure your comfort and to make sure you avoid some of the health problems caused by poorly designed chairs.
  • Consider the daily value offered by your chair. If you think that a chair seems too expensive, consider what it’s value per day is over the course of a year. A £200 chair which offers you the right support and comfort will work out at £3.85 a week, which doesn’t seem unreasonable when you consider the length of time spent in the chair.
  • Consider the design of the chair. Fabric and texture is important. If you’re a particularly messy person, you may prefer an easier to clean leather chair over a fabric chair or if your office tends to get hot, you may prefer a more breathable fabric in your chair. Consider your office environment as well as your own personal tastes when considering your chair.
  • Consider the style of the chair. Office chairs don’t have to be boring. A swish leather chair creates a great impression, whilst wood veneer chairs offer that stylish twist to your office to give it a modern and on-trend look.


  • Assume that the most expensive is the best. You could pick up a stylish, comfortable office chair with an affordable price tag which could be more effective than the most expensive chair in the collection. Explore the chair’s features and work out which offers the best value for you.
  • Choose a chair which offers no support. A chair may look good but if it offers poor back support or has uncomfortable, non-adjustable arm rests, It could leave you suffering. If you can, try out the chair first and if you’re buying online, go to a store which offers similar styles to try out the types of chairs you like so that you have a better indication of what to buy.
  • Opt for colours which will spoil easily. Light colours are prone to staining whilst dark fabrics could rub off onto your clothes – think carefully about your own habits and consider the longevity of the style you’ve selected.
  • Forget to do your research. An office chair is an investment and unless your budget allows for regular replacement, you’ll want a chair which will last. It’s therefore important to determine exactly what you want and how much you have to spend before you begin to shop.

Unsure what to pick? Why not consider wooden veneer chairs?

Wooden veneer chairs are a great choice for someone looking for a stylish, long-lasting office chair. Not only do they offer strength and support but they also have a sleek finish that suits many modern and classic office types. Wooden veneer chairs come in a range of styles including fabric and leather and we have a great selection to choose from at Office Furniture Online. Click here to see our collection.

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