Why your employees hate the chair you bought them

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Why your employees hate the chair you bought them

Sometimes it seems to be impossible to please people and this is often the case with employees and the office chairs they are provided with for their work. Even top quality office chairs like Bestuhl office seating gets criticised, but usually for the wrong reasons.

Lack of training in office chair use

Lack of training in how to get the most out of office chairs is probably the most common cause of dislike. Unfortunately, far too many employers don’t show their staff the correct way of adjusting their chairs.

Many people complain about their chairs being too stiff and that they feel like they are constantly about to be unceremoniously catapulted out of them. Office chairs from something like the Bestuhl office seating range are designed for a broad spectrum of users; users of all heights and weights.

All it takes is a little know-how in terms of chair adjustment to solve the problem.

The problem of users who don’t like the look of their chairs

Not liking the look of the chair is another very common problem. A member of staff may not like the particular colour of a chair they are given, or the chair is simply not what they envisioned themselves being seated in.

Once again, this is naivety and neglect on the employer’s part. All that needs to be done is to show the employee the range of chairs on offer, and let them either make their own choice, or allow them input into the final decision.

Not liking a particular feature that a chair incorporates

Sometimes an employee might take exception to a particular feature that their chair incorporates. This may or may not be justified.

Some chairs seem to attract more criticism than others, although it is often the case that these same chairs also come under high praise from others. The range of Bestuhl office seating for example incorporates a wide range of features, including:

  • Backrests which are made out of mesh fabric in order to provide good ventilation designed to keep the user cool.
  • Upholstered black seats with a “waterfall” design that promotes good circulation for the legs.
  • Armrests that are height adjustable to offer more comfort and support.
  • Weight tension control that permits the chair to be adjusted for users of different weights.
  • Gas height adjustment that allows the height of the chair seat to be set according to user’s height.

If an employee is unfamiliar with weight tension adjustment for example, and the adjustment is preset for a heavier or lighter user, it may seem to be uncomfortable; however, adjustment for those in-the-know is simple.

Involve your employees in the chair selection process

Similarly, if the benefits of features are not understood, such as waterfall seat fronts that improve blood circulation to the legs, then the likelihood of employees not liking the chairs that they are provided with, even if they are from a top range like the Bestuhl office seating range, will increase.

The answer is a simple one. Involve your employees in the chair selection process.

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