Seat depth adjustment really does matter. Here’s why.

Boss Design office seating
Seat depth adjustment really does matter. Here’s why.

It’s easy to get complacent about your office chair. The seat height is adjustable and the back rest moves up and down so that will do won’t it? No, it is unlikely that this will be sufficient to prevent the range of musculoskeletal problems that poor ergonomics cause. If you have not heard of seat depth adjustment before this is something that you will need to be aware of when browsing Boss Design office seating and fitting out your office for ergonomic health.

Think seat depth and Boss design office seating

Human bodies are very infinitely variable and the designers at Boss Design office seating have taken this into account. Seat heights are altered using a gas lift and levers and there is usually a mechanical lever to lift the back rest up and down. So, what about the seat depth? Does this really matter?

The seat depth is the distance between the back rest and the front of the seat. It corresponds roughly to the length of the thigh bone in the seat user.  Here are some reasons for taking the depth of your seat seriously.

  1. Inadequate seat depth can strain the lower back. If the seat depth is too small, the user will have their knees jutting out into thin air. If the user has a very long femur (thigh bone) their knees can jut out by several inches. This puts a great deal of strain on the lower back and can lead to lower back pain in the medium and long term.
  2. If the seat is too short, it is impossible for the user to have their back against the back rest and bend their knees so that their feet can touch the floor. This gives them two options. They could sit back against the back rest and have their legs sticking out at the front of the chair which is obviously ridiculous. Or, they select the alternative which is to lean forwards so that they can bend their knees which leaves their back completely unsupported and vulnerable to strain.

Both of these can store up postural health for the future and require action.

Make checks of your seat depth

It is very easy for you to check your own seat to make sure that the seat depth is suitable for you. Start by sitting with your back flat against the back rest and with the lumbar support (if there is one) located in the small of your back. If you cannot bend your back, the seat is not deep enough for you and needs to be adjusted. If you cannot adjust it, you need a new chair!

If you can bend you knees, you can check the space between the back of your knee and the seat. If this is bigger than your fist, the seat is not deep enough for your particular needs. Again, make the necessary adjustments and try again. If the seat cannot be adjusted you need to consider a new one.

You can check out the comprehensive selection of office chairs with adjustable seat depths at Office Furniture Online and make a selection for optimum postural health.

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