Go Ergo: How to set up your chair and workspace for a healthier working life

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Go Ergo: How to set up your chair and workspace for a healthier working life

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ergonomics is all about the chair and nothing else! To set up your work station correctly you need to consider many elements including the height of your desk and monitor too. If you are thinking of investing in some ergonomic products such as Mesh chairs for your office space at home or your workplace, there are some top ergonomic tips that will help you maximise comfort and postural health.

Ergonomic Mesh chairs for maximum postural comfort – top tips for your workspace

You cannot compromise on comfort in the workplace so whether you work from home or you are responsible for a team of office workers these tips are important for you.

  • Think about how you are sitting. Every time you sit at your desk, pause for a moment and consider your posture. Make sure that you are sitting as close as you can to the desk, with your upper arms parallel to your spine so that your hands can rest easily on the work surface.
  • Height is all important. The height of your chair and desk must allow two things. Firstly, you must be able to put your feet on the floor. Secondly, your elbows should be at a 90-degree angle. You can adjust the height of your desk or chair or both to achieve this.
  • Focus on your legs. Are your knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees? This is the ideal sitting posture and you should adjust your seat depth and height to maintain it.
  • Give yourself a boost. If you are unable to adjust the height of your workstation and have to make your chair higher to make sure that your eyes are parallel with the monitor, this may leave your legs swinging in mid-air! Your only option here is to provide an appropriate footstool. This will allow you to maintain the correct angle of knee bend, reduce the chances of swollen ankles and other circulatory problems and decreases foot pain.
  • Check seat depth for postural health. Seat depth is the length between the back edge and front edge of your seat and it is vital for postural health. You can check it by sitting all the way back in your chair so that your back is against the back rest. Then you can check the space between the front edge of the chair and your calves. If this space is less than the size of your fist you will not have enough space for circulation. You can make the chair more shallow by moving the chair’s backrest forward or by inserting a cushion or pillow.

Invest in postural health and reap the benefits

The benefits of good postural health are wide ranging. Increased productivity, improved morale, fewer sick days and increased staff satisfaction. Your business can benefit by browsing our range of Mesh chairs and ergonomic products at Office Furniture Online. We can help you find just the right products for your workspace.

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