Size matters: A guide to buying office chairs that fit

When it comes to choosing Executive Fabric Office Chairs for your workplace, the colour needs to be right, the style needs to be right and don’t forget the size needs to be right as well. You can tailor your office chairs to the size of your workplace and to the dimensions of your employees. No two offices are the same and no two office employees are the same either. This is not a one size fits all situation!

How to choose Executive Fabric Office Chairs that fit

Make your selection from the following ranges to make sure your Executive Fabric Office Chairs will look good, feel good and do you good at the same time. Ask yourself the following questions:

Executive Fabric Office Chairs
Size matters: A guide to buying office chairs that fit
  • Do you need a big and tall office chair? Office workers who are larger in stature (taller than 6’1″ and/or are of a heavier build) will need larger chairs. These office products will be able to provide plenty of room and plush support so that they can provide comfort over a prolonged period. This is coupled with a higher than standard weight capacity to ensure the safety of the seated office worker which is, of course, a legal requirement. You can choose from chairs with capacities up to 500 lbs. or even more for some specialist ranges.
  • Do you need a petite chair? Petite office chairs are smaller than the average office chair. They are manufactured specifically to suit office workers with smaller statures. People who are shorter than 5’4” are generally regarded as petite. These office products will offer shorter back height so that the spine is fully supported. They also have a narrower seat width and a shallower seat pan. Deep seats simply do not suit smaller workers because they cannot sit back in the chair and bend their knees. Smaller framed workers may also require a slacker seat tension on the tilting seat to stop them from being thrown forward. It may even be possible to find one with a gas lift that is designed for the lighter user – making it easier for them to adjust the height if they wish.
  • Do you need a standard chair with adjustable features? The ‘average’ office chair will be broadly suitable for office workers with a weight of up to 250 pounds and who are between 5’4″ and 6’1″ in height. This does not mean that a single chair would suit them all. Office chairs can only be made ergonomically suitable if the seat height, seat depth, back height and lumbar support are fully and readily adjustable.

Additional products, such as foot stools, may also be needed to complete the ergonomic set up of any workstation.

Select for size when buying your office furniture

Browse a supplier like Office Furniture Online with size in mind. Make sure that you choose the most suitable product and put comfort and postural health at the top of your priorities. Add in your own choice of fabric and style to get your perfect office look.

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