Why is it so hard to find the perfect office chair?

Elite office seating
Why is it so hard to find the perfect office chair?

The perfect office chair would be made to measure for exactly your physical proportions and for the way in which you like to work. Sadly, this is an unachievable goal for most office workers. Inevitably, compromises have to be made so that a chair can be purchased at a budget that can be afforded. If you choose a high quality product, such as Elite office seating, you may not have to make too many compromises and you may surprised at how suitable your chair is for your needs.

Can you get close to perfection with Elite office seating?

This will depend on whether the Elite office seating is being purchased for an office worker with an average build. Most office chairs are manufactured with an average person in mind. This gives the average person far more choice and the opportunity to find a bargain!

So what about those members of the population who fall outside of the ‘average’ category? In particular, people who are short and those who are tall can struggle to find a seat that is comfortable. Here are five key features of office seating that need to be present if all users are to be accommodated comfortably:

  • The long and short of it. An office chair must have an adjustable seat depth so that workers can get comfortable in it. The distance between the pelvis and the knee is very variable. If you purchase a seat that allows you to slide the seat forwards and backwards then the user can keep their back against the seat and be able to bend their knees at the edge of the seat with no over-hang.
  • An adjustable back height gives total support. A chair that allows the back rest to be adjusted up and down will support the entire length of the spine throughout the day and minimise back strain.
  • Upper limbs are important too. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that ergonomics is all about the back and legs. Arms are important too. If you can adjust the arm rests so that they give support whilst at a desk you can help to avoid conditions such as repetitive strain injury.
  • Think about weight as well as height. Pneumatic height adjustment is a must so that workers can fine tune the seat height. However, the mechanism must be suited to the weight of the worker. An average gas lift may not be adequate for a very heavy or very light office worker.
  • Tilt tension should suit the seat user. Another element that needs to be suited for the weight of the seat user is tilt tension. This will ensure that the back rest gives maximum support at all times.

The choice of office seating is up to you

Take a look at the Office Furniture Online range of seating for office workers who do not fall into the average category. We can help you provide postural health and comfort for all your employees, not just Mr or Ms Average!

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