How much has the office chair changed in 100 years?

Loughborough Leather Faced Manager Cream
Loughborough Leather Faced Manager Cream

As you sit today on your comfortable (we hope) office chair, spare a thought for the employees of 100 years ago who had nowhere near the choice we have today. For them the option of a swivel chair was non existent unless they were management, and as for getting one on castors, well that was just a pipe dream.

It was interesting to see this week an advertisement from the Spokesman Review in Spokane Washington, USA, from 1912 which claimed to be offering office chairs ‘at cost’. The advertisement, which we’re sure would not get past the ASA today, claimed to be selling these chairs at cost having ‘stripped the regular selling prices in every instance of every cent of profit’. Bizarrely the advertisement then went on to advise people to buy early to ensure that they got the very best choice but at no point did it mention what the price was! You can see the advertisement yourself here.

By way of contrast these days we have hundreds of office chairs for sale and every single one is priced! Not only that but all of them are accurately described so if you need some new comfortable office chairs which will stand the test of time then contact us today.

Author: John