How funky office furniture can improve your business

Lyndon design seating
How funky office furniture can improve your business

Put together a list of features that you look for in your office furniture and funky may not be top of the list. When you browse through the Lyndon design seating collection and you may be seeking great design, functionality and value but do you care how it makes you feel? It’s a chair after all, you are going to sit on it not make friends with it!

You may want to reconsider. A funky office environment is not just for the creative industries. Perhaps everyone could all benefit from a little fun in the workplace.

Lyndon design seating collection for a funky feel

Funky is all well and good but are there any tangible benefits for your business? Is this just a quirky gimmick? In reality, you may benefit from the introduction of some funky design more than you realise.

  • The serious side of fun. Fun is a serious business if it increases productivity. Sadly, many office tasks are repetitive and, to be brutally honest, a little boring. Repetition can be the enemy of creativity and can stifle dedication and the urge for improvement. Try installing some funky furniture to inject a lively atmosphere and watch energy levels soar and engagement improve. It can even be a pleasure to come to work!
  • Create a relaxing zone. Something as cheap as a beanbag or a hammock can create a perfect relaxing zone for stressed out employees. Make break times restful on the eyes as well as the body so that workers return to their desks invigorated; it will be reflected in their productivity.
  • Banish drab and depressing furniture. It is hard to be enthusiastic about going to work when you are surrounded by scruffy and dull office furniture. We demand a lot of ourselves, our employees and our colleagues in the workplace. Make delivering within deadlines, multitasking and dealing with multiple or difficult clients a pleasure with an attractive workspace.
  • Inspire and innovate. Neutral and beige are safe and dependable but they don’t inspire you and they don’t nurture innovation and creative thinking. Make your day more enjoyable and embrace the creative culture.
  • Quirkiness is not work-shy. Funky furniture is not about avoiding the work ethic and does not detract from the serious tasks in hand. Quite the opposite. Colourful informal furniture injects a fresh and enthusiastic approach that clears the mind and enhances productivity. It can act as a mood enhancer as well.

Start your funky makeover by redesigning your office

This doesn’t have to involve spending a fortune and you don’t have to apply a single splash of paint. Office refurbishments are disruptive and costly so invest in some funky furniture instead.  Visitors and clients will be bowled over by your new look!

Start you funky office make over with Office Furniture Online. We have a fabulous range to choose from like the Lyndon design seating collection at a budget that will be just right for you. Inject the fun back into your workplace!

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