The importance of posture, and which chairs can help

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The importance of posture, and which chairs can help

Posture is something that we associate with working at a desk in an office environment but it is actually something that we should take seriously in all aspects of our life. Your posture is just as important when you are relaxing in front of the TV in leather recliners as when you are sitting in front of your PC in ergonomic office chairs. Have you thought seriously about your posture and how you may be storing up problems for the future?

Poor posture is all about slouching and we are all guilty! It is the habit of letting your head drop, your shoulders roll forward and your back bend. Most of us simply can’t be bothered to sit up straight and think that it will be hard work, especially for 8 hours a day!

However, the body knows what is good for it and with just a little encouragement our bodies will maintain a good posture every time we sit down. The benefits are huge.

  • Reduced musculoskeletal wear and rear. Your lower back, neck and legs will thank you for it. You will reduce the strain on muscles and ligaments and decrease the chances of back ache.
  • Reduce digestive problems. Some digestive issues such as reflux are directly associated with poor posture as the position of the rib cage is vital.
  • Improved cardiovascular health. The slouching position crushes the chest cavity which makes it harder to breath. We resort to short, shallow breaths which are not good for the respiratory system.
  • Improved concentration and productivity. Maintaining a healthy postural position can aid clarity of thinking and increase energy levels which helps concentration.

Leather recliners for good posture at home

Shutting off when you are home is all well and good but you should not shut off from good posture. Well-designed reclining chairs encourage and support good posture whilst you relax and read, listen to music or watch your favourite TV programme.

Choose a recliner that supports all of your back (lower and upper) and that keeps your arms at the right level to prevent your shoulders from hunching. The height should allow your feet to touch the floor.

Whilst sofas are a hugely popular seating choice in homes, they are not always the appropriate height. If the sofa is very low, the hips are positioned too far below the knees and the upper body compensates with a curved back and shoulders. Ideally, your knees should be about an inch above the top of your pelvis.

Ergonomic chairs for good posture at work

If you work from home or if you go out to work in an office, you need to look for a few features in your chair that will provide the correct support but will also make you feel comfortable. In particular, look for a high back that supports your shoulders and neck as well as your lower back. A comfortable seat is also important but it must not be too soft or it will not be supportive.

Take a look at the Office Furniture Online range of leather recliners and ergonomic office chairs to suit your home, workplace and budget. We can help you find just the right product for you.

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