What exactly is an ergonomic chair?

Chiropod orthopaedic chairs
What exactly is an ergonomic chair?

Your back aches, your shoulders are stiff and you grunt and groan as you get to your feet from your office chair. Sound familiar? You are probably convinced that you need an ergonomic chair, you may even have been told this by your colleagues or friends, but you have no idea what this is! Here is a no nonsense guide to what an ergonomic chair is.

Thinking of buying Chiropod orthopaedic chairs because they’re ergonomic?

Make some checks to ensure that your choice of chair is actually ergonomic. Ergonomic chairs such as Chiropod orthopaedic chairs can be adjusted (or are designed) to meet an individual user’s specification in terms of height, weight, build and method of working. Many are built so that they encourage movement during the working day and so avoid the problems associated with a sedentary job.

The professional that observes how people interact with their work environment and comes up with solutions to potential postural problems are called ergonomists and they design ergonomic chairs! Most ergonomic chairs will feature:

  • Safety mechanism to prevent tipping. There are regulations that require larger workplaces (with more employees) to have chairs with a five-star base. The purpose of this is to prevent the chair from tipping over as you shift around to adjust your posture or get up and down.
  • Mechanism to adjust both the seat depth and width. You can adjust the depth of your chair to determine how much support your thighs receive. This is something that you will do yourself. You will sit with your back flat against the back rest and adjust the seat until you have a three finger gap (or a fist size gap) between the seat and the underside of your knee.
  • Appropriate height adjustment. Every ergonomic chair will have a gas lift that moves the seat up lets it down again. This is a must for postural health. You will adjust it yourself to make sure that your forearms are in-line with the desk. Of course, this may lift your feet off from the floor, in which case you will need to use a footrest to make sure your body is properly supported.
  • Adequate back support. Obviously most chairs have some sort of back support but an ergonomic chair will have a height adjustable back support. This will enable you to position the lumbar support in exactly the right place for your body.
  • Adjustable supports for your arms. Armrests are important in ergonomics because they support the shoulders and prevent strain throughout the arm. However they need to be in the correct position. They should be adjusted so that there is a 90°angle through the forearm.

An ergonomic chair that features all of the above will be best for your postural health and comfort.

The ergonomic choice for you

You can search for ergonomic chairs at Office Furniture online and choose a model such as Chiropod orthopaedic chairs that suits your taste and your budget. Go ergonomic and get rid of the aches and pains for good!

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