How to cope if your office chair is uncomfortable

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How to cope if your office chair is uncomfortable

Have you ever added up all the hours that you spend at your desk? It’s easy to calculate this whether you work in a traditional office environment of if you work from home. If you work an average of 40 hours a week, that adds up to a massive 2,000 hours a year sitting in your office chair. It is no wonder that it has such an impact on your posture and your musculoskeletal health!

Suffering because of an uncomfortable office chair will not only have an impact on your productivity and concentration span; it could cause you permanent damage too. Posture problems are likely to have an impact on your health that can last a lifetime, and not just with your back either. Studies have shown slouching can cause all manner of health issues, from digestive and circulatory problems to issues with depression and stress.

If you’re currently coping with an uncomfortable office chair, you need to discuss the matter with your boss and encourage them to invest in your well being. Until then, here are some fixes that might help in the short term.

Minor adjustments can make your office chair more comfortable

One of the most common complaints about uncomfortable office chairs is that they cause lower back pain. This is the lumbar region of the spine and it has a natural curve which should be maintained when you are sat down. Something as simple as a small cushion, in the small of your back, can make a huge difference to your comfort and take the strain off your neck, arms and shoulders at the same time.

Another complaint is that the seat itself is just not comfortable leading to a lot of distracting fidgeting and shifting of position. This can also be easily remedied in most cases by placing a flat cushion on the seat.

The height of the chair in relation to the work station or desk is another key factor for comfort whilst at work. Minor height adjustments can eliminate some of your discomfort. Aim to line up your computer screen with your line of sight. This could be done in a number of ways including raising or lowering your chair height, raising or lowering your desk height and making minor adjustments to the angle of your seat. Some trial and error will be needed to attain the optimum position.

Nomique seating for comfort and health

When you talk to your boss about a replacement chair, recommend they consider one of the ergonomic office chairs from Nomique Seating.

The Smart Chair system uses cutting edge technology to feedback data on your posture leading to heightened awareness and ultimately comfort. A system of 6 sensors in the seat and backrest cushions provides feedback if your sitting position is poor. This is coupled with a vibration alert which is activated if the user has been seated too long in an incorrect position. Link the chair to a PC, tablet or smart phone for complete control of your posture and health.

Find out more about our range of office chairs with this innovative system at Office Furniture Online. They are available in a wide choice of fabrics to fit in with your home or office workspace. The 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee makes this a shrewd investment in your posture for the future.

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