What is an ESD chair and do you need one?

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What is an ESD chair and do you need one?

Unless you work in the electronics industry, you may not be aware of the fact that you can buy ESD chairs; so the question of, what is an ESD chair and do you need one, is not something that arises. You probably won’t even know what ESD stands for.

Well, let’s clear-up what it means first. For starters, ESD is short for Electro-Static-Dissipative. In other words, ESD chairs, or in plain language, “anti static chairs,” prevent the build-up of static electricity.

What causes static electricity build-up in offices and factories?

In some offices static electricity can be a real problem. It is usually caused by having nylon carpeting. Each time you walk across it, you can build up a charge of static electricity in your body; particularly if you drag your feet across the carpeting.

Having built up a static electricity charge, when you the touch someone, or say, a metal object, the charge is dissipated by a short, sharp and often painful mini electric shock. It’s normally no more than a mild annoyance.

However, if you work with electronics, static electricity can be a real problem. This is because if you discharge static electricity when you touch a delicate piece of electronics, you can easily damage it, often destroying it altogether. Its why people that work making integrated circuits for example, have to wear special items to ground them and prevent this charge from building up.

What anti static chairs do

Anti static chairs are an excellent solution. They are designed specifically to reduce the build-up of static electricity in the human body and to help any build-ups that do occur to discharge. Discharging static electricity is done when you “ground” yourself, usually against another person or an object.

This grounding is achieved in anti static chairs via special types of caster-wheels developed and incorporated in the chairs for this very purpose. Other types of anti-static chairs achieve this grounding effect by incorporating a drag chain, which remains in constant contact with the floor.

Apart from the types of anti static chairs that work using drag chains, there is no discernible difference visually from an ordinary office chair. There is of course a big difference in the way that they handle (or in some cases don’t) static electricity.

Who are the people that should be given anti static chairs?

The people most in need of anti static chairs are those employed in assembling, manufacturing, and/or repairing electronic equipment. Typically this mean anyone involved in processing computers and computer chips, mobile phones, tablets and a host of other electronic gadgets that are susceptible to damage from accidental discharges of static electricity.

There is also no reason why anti static chairs should not be issued to people who work in ordinary office environments, where static electricity is a day to day occurrence. Obviously the best solution for these types of environments is to replace any problem carpeting of flooring if it is practical to do so. If not, anti static chairs provide an effective, alternative solution.

Stylishly and ergonomically designed, anti static chairs are available in a range of styles and colours.

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