How the right chair can boost productivity

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How the right chair can boost productivity

Comfort is not a luxury when you work at a desk for eight or more hours a day. It is a necessity that needs to be taken seriously by everyone. A worker who is in discomfort will be less productive and will find it hard to effectively fulfil their role in an organisation. The solution can be both simple and inexpensive. By investing in high quality office chairs like the Sven office seating range, you could see worker satisfaction and productivity boosted.

Comfort and productivity go hand in hand

Many jobs require workers to be at their desks for several hours at a time. Current postural advice states that frequent breaks are needed. Workers with sedentary occupations should get up, walk around and stretch at regular intervals. This prevents a build-up of strain and tension in key musculoskeletal structures in the spine and limbs. What happens when a worker is so uncomfortable that they have to get up and down continually? What is they need to fidget and constantly change position to alleviate discomfort? There will be an inevitable impact on productivity in the following ways.

  1. Losing the train of thought. Reading complicated documents, writing reports and carrying out calculations using sophisticated software can take more than an hour of continuous concertation. If you (or your employee) have to get up several times during that hour because of discomfort, concentration will be lost and mistakes can be made. This benefits no-one. A worker who loses their train of thought cannot produce high level work in a timely fashion.
  2. Pain is the enemy of concentration. Nothing spoils your concentration like being in pain. Pain can be all-consuming. It distracts from the task in hand and makes it almost impossible to focus effectively. Productivity is seriously affected as workers have to attempt tasks over and over again to get them right.
  3. Frustration and loss of morale. As the experience of pain affects their productivity, workers can get frustrated that they have not achieved what they want to achieve and morale falls. This is a vicious cycle as low morale further decreases productivity.
  4. Damages team spirit. Other members of the team can be distracted by an office worker who is obviously in pain, is continuously moving around and who is constantly changing position.
  5. Loss of work hours. Eventually, some postural problems become so severe that an employee cannot come into work for days or even weeks and this significantly impacts productivity.

How Sven office seating can improve your worker’s productivity

Find out more about our range of Sven Office Seating at Office Furniture Online. The range is ultra-stylish and you can choose from a selection of designer high back office chairs. Comfort and productivity can be improved by features such as the gas height adjustment, the premium synchro tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment. Make comfort and productivity the priorities for your team by investing in high quality office chairs.

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