Technology, how it has changed the office workplace & it’s inventors 100 years (Infographic)

100 Years of Workplace Technology

The following is an infographic by professional furniture maker based on workplace technology starting at 1907 and finishing at the iPad in 2010. It’s all part of Knoll’s workspace research study on ‘Engaging Workplace with Technology

The research focusses on three main areas of technological advancement;

  • Consumerised office technology – such as BYOD (bring your own device) and the ability to use plug and play technology
  • Technology driven enterprise – i.e workplaces becoming more and more flexible (like hot desking)
  • Developing furniture for the future : Half life of technology Vs. Office furniture – Technology tends to have a half life of around 18-24 months whereas office furniture’s life cycle tends to be around 10 years.


Role of Technology_ 1page_130801.indd

Creator : Knoll, Inc.
Direct Link to Infographic :…

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Author: John