3 things to insist on when choosing a chair for the shorter worker

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3 things to insist on when choosing a chair for the shorter worker

No matter what kind of furniture you’re purchasing, you should consider ergonomics. Ergonomics is the relationship between people and the things they interact with in the workplace. Often that means desks, chairs and other office furniture. When you’re considering what kind of draughtsman chairs to buy, it’s worth considering how suitable they will be for the shorter worker.

Choosing draughtsman chairs for the shorter worker

We, as people, come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. In the workplace, one size fits all is rarely the right option. Like most things in life, office furniture is often designed to suit the average person, and draughtsman chairs are no exception.

Unfortunately for the shorter worker, this means that no amount of adjustment is going to allow them to work comfortably. As draughtsman chairs are designed for working at a counter of some kind, that means workers stretching to reach the right level for them to sit with their computer or other tools within reach, or their legs dangling uncomfortably.

The shorter worker will tend to sit closer to the edge of the seat so that their feet can reach the footrest, which means they will lean over or hunch at the counter. Not only does this look sloppy if they are in a public facing environment, it also means that they are not at an optimum working position which can lead to back pain.

Make sure you consider all the options

Buying a different type of chair for every worker is probably not going to be practical or efficient, so how do you get around the problem? Luckily, there are draughtsman chairs available that are fully adjustable for all sizes – if you know where to luck.

  1. Height and depth adjustment: This prevents the problem of sitting too close to the edge of the chair, and ensures that the worker has optimum back support. The worker will be able to adjust the depth and height of the chair so that they can comfortably rest their feet and sit in an upright position without difficulty.
  2. Tilt adjustment: With tilt tension adjustment, they’ll also be able to comfortably recline, and if you buy a chair without fixed arms, you’ll find that your worker can finally set up the chair safely and ergonomically so that they can work in comfort.

Buying draughtsman chairs that are fully adjustable might mean spending a little more than you’d planned for, but it’s worth it for a happier, more productive workforce – and if you buy one or two to test them out first, you can decide exactly how many you’ll need to equip everyone. You might only need a small percentage of your overall furniture to be adjustable in this way. Your workers will thank you for it, and you’ll minimise the chance of health problems appearing.

At Office Furniture Online, we have a full range of fully adjustable draughtsman chairs. If you need help picking out the right one just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

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