Active sitting: The solution to poor office chairs

Ergohuman office chairs
Active sitting: The solution to poor office chairs

It is perfectly reasonable to come to the conclusion that there is nothing that you can do about your postural problems because you have a sedentary occupation! Sitting has been painted as the enemy of postural health for some time now and we have been led to believe that the simple act of sitting, albeit for a prolonged period, is a health hazard.

Recently, this has been challenged and it is now thought that, with the right support, our bodies are very capable of sitting without getting damaged in any way. The key to this appears to be ‘active sitting’ and it is catching on in offices all over the world. Could you introduce it into your place of work and save money on office chairs?

Active sitting in your Ergohuman office chairs

Sitting is not the bad guy. However, the way in which you sit is very important. If you sit correctly and frequently stand up and walk around it is perfectly possible to avoid most postural problems.

Changing posture is a good thing. This makes scientific sense. When you get up out of your office chair and go for a gentle stretch or a walk around you are loosening up muscles and ligaments that may have become taught. At the same time you are increasing blood flow to body parts that may have suffered from a reduced supply when you were sitting down. The load is shared around various musculoskeletal elements and aches and pains can be avoided.

Can you do anything to help your musculoskeletal health when you are actually sat at your desk? This is where ‘active sitting’ comes into play.

The science behind active sitting

Active sitting is the process of using office seating to encourage small, regular adjustments to posture. It is suggested as a method for those who have a sedentary occupation such as those who work in an office.

The theory dismisses the idea that there is one ideal posture that all workers should try to attain. Instead, it proposes that regular movement will stimulate the blood-flow to muscles and distribute the load between different tissues.

Chairs with a tilt mechanism may increase the total number of movements carried out when sitting at a desk – without the worker even realising that they are doing it. They can just focus on their work whilst the chair provides gentle exercise. Office seating such as Ergohuman office chairs may be the future for office furniture!

Chairs are required to comply with health and safety legislation which states that they must fit the person that is using them and must be adjustable to support good posture. The chair should also encourage movement so as the person moves to do their work, the chair moves with them.

Take a look at the Office Furniture Online range Ergohuman office chairs and combine the best products with the best working practices. If you invest in postural health today you will see the benefits in the months and years to come.

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