The false economy of buying a cheap office chair

Enviro leather chairs
The false economy of buying a cheap office chair

Businesses operate to very tight margins now and budgets are examined carefully to identify areas where savings can be made. The budget for office furniture can suffer as a result. It can be difficult to justify spending large sums of money on items that you simply sit on or which support our computer monitors!

If you are thinking of investing in some quality office furniture for you work place such as Enviro leather chairs, but are worried that you are being too extravagant, then you should think about the benefits of buying quality goods for your office.

What happens when you don’t invest wisely in Enviro leather chairs

At first glance, a cheap office chair has all the features of the high quality ranges. It looks shiny and new and has an impressive array of levers and buttons that seem to tick the ergonomic boxes.

After all, it looks a whole lot better than the worn out and scruffy chair that it is replacing and probably feels a lot more comfortable as well. What is the point in spending more than you have to?

The problem here is that you will have made a snap judgment based on the few minutes of experience that you have with the new chair. Fast forward a few months when you have spent many hours and days sitting in the chair and the picture may be very different.

Manufactures of cheap office chairs cut corners on quality and reduce costs by doing the following and you will be the one that pays the price; maybe not in pounds in pence but in discomfort, pain and postural problems.

  • Cheap chairs soon become flat. Cheap chair seats will be manufactured using cheap materials and that means cheap foam pads which are usually used for packaging rather than upholstery. They rapidly lose their shape and become flat and uncomfortable as they provide little support.
  • It’s easy to spot low quality leather. Low cost leather is easy to identify because it becomes shiny with a little use and starts to look like a well-polished shoe. If leather remnants have been used to make the chair, it will age quickly and the surface will become brittle and cracked.
  • You get what you pay for when it comes to strength. Cheap office chairs are not strong and cannot withstand the rigours of office life. You will find that arm rests can snap off, chair backs get stuck in one position, levers snap off and gas lifts keep descending.
  • Are you guaranteed satisfaction? By paying a cut price you may be forfeiting your rights in terms of a guarantee so you should always ask about this.

It’s clear that budget office seating is not the answer.

Making the investment in quality that counts

Here at Office Furniture Online we can help you to make that all important investment in Enviro leather chairs or whatever office furniture you require. You can be confident that you are getting great value for money and a product that will last.

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