Five top tips for better posture at work

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Five top tips for better posture at work

Have you ever calculated the amount of time you spend sat in an office chair each year? For many people, it’s a huge chunk of their time. Often, we’re so busy at work, we barely notice when we’re hunched over the desk, staring at a screen. But did you know this poor sitting position can have a long-term negative effect on your posture? By making a conscious effort to improve your posture and use tools like ergonomic back supports to help, you can avoid being in pain later on.

  1. Remember to take breaks: Even if you have the best ergonomic back supports, when the body has been sat in the same position for a prolonged period of time it will probably tell you, you need to move. Listen to it! Everyone needs to get up and take a walk around once in a while to ensure sufficient blood flow and to stretch the muscles that have lain dormant for hours.
  2. Keep your posture in mind: While you’re sitting, remember to keep your back as straight as possible. It’s easy to sink into the support of the chair but you could try to switch positions every once in a while. For example, shift your weight to the edge of the seat so your body is almost forced to straighten. It’s also easier for your back if your feet are flat on the floor, rather than you crossing your legs.
  3. Make it easy with ergonomic office chairs: These kinds of office chairs practically do all the work for you. You have the luxury of being able to adjust lumbar support, adjust the headrest and some even come with user weight tilt tension control. You can find a great range of Ergo-Tek Mesh office chairs here.
  4. Increase your awareness: Sometimes it’s about more than what we’re sat on. Have you had an eye test recently? Many office workers that have to stare at a screen day in and day out find that their eye sight worsens over time. If you have the wrong prescription, you may be unaware that you’re leaning over and squinting at the screen. Similarly, if your desk is unorganised, you may be leaning to reach for supplies whenever you need them. Be aware of the space around you and how you’re using it.
  5. Try and relax: Although it’s important to remember your posture, you don’t want to create an unnatural stiffness. Your body should be relaxed as you work and sometimes the stress of deadlines can cause a rigidness in your body that you often fail to see. A great way to deal with this is exercise. Exercise is a fantastic stress reliever. Try Yoga for mind and body relaxation.

Stay pain free with ergonomic back supports

Making sure you have the right support while you’re sat down could mean that your posture is maintained for years to come. Office Furniture Online offers a great range of office chairs that support lumbar health and you’ll benefit from free delivery on all orders in mainland UK. To browse the catalogue of office chairs available, click here.

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