Shhh… what other office chair suppliers just won’t tell you

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Shhh… what other office chair suppliers just won’t tell you

If you are looking for boardroom chairs, ergonomic chairs, or any other type of chair, you will, no doubt, search online to see what is available. You will come across an abundance of companies, all claiming to offer you the best chairs at the best prices. While there are a lot of reputable retailers in the industry, there are also those who purposely omit information so that they can hide deficiencies in their products. Below, we are going to tell you some of the things that suppliers may not tell you about their office chairs.

Suitability of the chair

One thing that a lot of office chair suppliers do not reveal about their products is what they are suitable for. They leave it up to you to decide. Why? Well, a lot of chairs have a specific use, meaning they are only right for a group of people. Some suppliers feel they will limit their consumer base by revealing this and, therefore, they choose to keep the information quiet. The best suppliers will tell you whether a chair is intended for long-term computer use or not, for example.

How long the chair should last under normal usage

You will struggle to find many chair manufacturers that come out and tell you exactly how long they expect their chair to last. Of course, this can differ from chair to chair, and so it’s something that is hard to predict. Nevertheless, there is a way for you to get an indication. This is by looking at the guarantee. If a supplier is willing to give you a guarantee of five years with your chair, then you know they have a great deal of confidence in their product, and this is a good sign. If they will only guarantee the chair for a year or 18 months, it is probably best to look for something else.

Seating foam quality

Last but not least, getting information about the quality of the chair’s seating foam is very difficult. In fact, this is a quality that is challenging to assess in any case, as the foam utilised in office chairs varies by a considerable degree. A lot of chairs feel comfortable when you sit on them, and then a few months down the line you struggle to get comfortable. This is because the manufacturer has used low-quality foam, which goes rigid and breaks down very quickly. It is a good idea to read any reviews left about the chairs you are considering, as any dissatisfied customers will have left comments warning others that the chair deteriorates quickly.

At Office Furniture Online, we are always honest and upfront about the products we sell. If you are looking for a chair, no matter whether it’s an ergonomic chair or a set of boardroom chairs, we can assist. You will find a detail product description regarding all of our items, and we are always more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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