Unusual office chairs to keep your back healthy

Obusforme posture seating
Unusual office chairs to keep your back healthy

Have you tried the normal range of office chairs and found that nothing suits you? This may be the time to think outside the box and ditch the traditional chair completely. Consider something like Obusforme posture seating or just stand up!

Give Obusforme posture seating a go

If you have developed a bad back from adopting a poor posture at your desk or work station you may need to adopt a radical approach.

Obusforme posture seating is an exciting alternative to the traditional office chair. Endorsed by chiropractors, this is a uniquely shaped product based on a polycarbonate frame. It works by guiding your back into a correct and healthy posture which prevents back strain and ultimately eases back ache. The chair works in harmony with the natural contours of your body.

Ditch the chair!

Here are some alternatives to office chairs.

  • Stop sitting and start standing! When workers stand they feel more energised and productive so this could be a winner all round. If the thought of standing up for the whole day is daunting you could invest in a height adjustable stand up desk that goes on top of a regular desk. ¬†Alternatively, a podium, lectern, or stand-up desk can be placed in the work area and shared by workers when they are talking on the phone.
  • Take a walk. Some have taken the multi -tasking concept a bit further and actually work whilst walking on a treadmill. This would not be for everyone and is not practical for most offices.
  • Perch on an exercise ball. Place a large exercise ball in front of your desk instead of a chair. You will naturally make small, constant alterations to your posture to stop yourself from falling off the ball! This works your core body muscles including those all-important large lower back muscles that play a big part in back strain and back ache. If you’re new to using an exercise ball, it may be best to start with short periods at first.
  • A balance stool could be the answer. This type of stool works on the same principal as a balance ball but looks a little more like conventional office furniture. Some balance stools actually bounce up and down and from side to side making your core muscles work even harder.
  • Kneeling can ease the strain. In a kneeling chair the user is angled forward so that some of his or her bodyweight is supported by the shins. The theory is that this reduces strain on the lower back by placing the spine in a more neutral position.

Recline for maximum comfort. Most sufferers find that back pain is eased by adopting a reclining position so why not work like that? A lap desk or a laptop make this a cheap and easy solution for home workers and some offices.

Here at Office Furniture Online we stock a range of unique chairs and products so that you can find just the right one to gain maximum comfort and productivity.

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