Chairercise: Keep fit tips you can do in the office

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Chairercise: Keep fit tips you can do in the office

There’s never enough hours in the day to do everything expected of us. Along with work, taking care of a family and household chores, we’re also supposed to eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise. But, how can you get all of these things done when you’re sat in an office chair most hours of the day?

Well, one of the answers may be starring you in the face: Chairercise. Did you know it’s possible to exercise your body while sitting down? Not only could this contribute to the amount of exercise you’re getting, but it could also help you to avoid the harmful effects that sitting in a chair all day can have. Take a look at these office keep fit tips.

  • No matter what chair you’re stuck in, from Ergo-Tek to vinyl chairs, you’ll still need to move around every now and again. The most affected areas of the body tend to be the neck, shoulders and back. Try some neck rolls when your head has been facing the same position for a long time. You can also exercise your neck by keeping your body facing forward but turning your neck to look over your shoulder. Alternate sides when you do this.
  • Although most people who sit in office chairs for long periods of time won’t often make leg complaints, it’s important to remember that they should be exercised too. If you’re under pressure with a deadline and just haven’t got the time to get up and walk around, there are other things you can do. Try turning your chair around so you have space to stretch your legs out straight. You can also work your legs by lifting your knees, one by one, and holding them in position with your hands under your knee.
  • Always take the opportunity to go out for lunch. Even when you’re at your busiest, it’s never a good idea to eat lunch sitting in your vinyl chairs. When you leave the office for lunch you get the benefit of three things: exercise, fresh air and a change of scene. All three will help to increase your productivity and maintain your physical and mental health.

Get out of those vinyl chairs

Exercise is important for many reasons but when it comes to business, it can be vital. A well exercised employee is less likely to become sick, has more energy (and therefore, better cognitive function) and more self-confidence.  It’s why so many employers are now offering exercise classes at work or installing staff gyms. You can find more information about the benefits of exercise at work here.

Vinyl chairs can be great in a school setting where children move from class to class, so have the option of exercising their legs in between sessions. However, they aren’t really practical for sitting on for prolonged periods of time. Take a look at the great range of office chairs at Office Furniture Online and you’re bound to find something that will suit your needs and support your health and wellbeing.

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