5 things you must demand when shopping for a new office chair

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5 things you must demand when shopping for a new office chair

Make some demands when you are shopping for an office chair and get the superior product that you deserve. Whilst some compromises may have to be made, you should have a list of features that you are prepared to insist on. When you are selecting a product like BN office chairs you are likely to get everything you want in an office chair. Here are some essential features that will safeguard postural health in your business and so aid productivity.

Essential features in BN office chairs – some things are non-negotiable

There is little point in contacting a furniture supplier and stating that you want an ergonomic chair because this term means different things to different people. Instead, be clear about what you personally mean by an ergonomic chair and which features you are going to require. Here are a few ideas:

  • Chair seat height adjustment. This should not be viewed as an optional extra anymore. It is essential that seat heights can be altered to safeguard postural health. Height is a hugely variable characteristic and very tall and very short office workers should be accommodated. Most chairs use a gas lift height adjustment. You will know that you are at the correct height if your feet are firmly on the floor with your upper legs angled slightly downwards.
  • Seat back height adjustment. This feature is often over-looked but is essential for back support. You should be able to alter the seat so that the lower portion of your back (lumbar spine) is supported. Some office chairs have an adjustable lumbar support and you may decide that this is an acceptable alternative once you have tried it out.
  • Automatic tilt tension control. If the chair will be used by several workers a fixed tension setting for the seat base and permanent contact back pad will be fine as long as it is the correct tension for the build of the user. You will need a slack tension for light framed workers ( to prevent them from being catapulted out of the chair) and a stiffer one for heavy framed workers to prevent them from bouncing against the back of the seat continually! However, you must insist on adjustable tilt tension control if the chair will be used by more than one person. Top quality chairs come with automatic tilt tension control which is the ultimate in intelligent seating design.
  • Adjustable seat depth. Unfortunately this is not considered essential by many office chair suppliers and whilst this is the case, postural health will continue to suffer. It enables the user to set the depth of the seat to suit their leg length and ensures that thier back can be positioned against the back rest at all times.

If you insist on these features in your office chair you will be doing all you can ensure comfort and health.

Be clear about what you need when choosing office furniture

Make sure you know what your posture needs when you are searching for BN office chairs and other office furniture for your workplace. Find out more about our range of chairs and start planning your office by visiting Office Furniture Online.

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