5 Tips for a more comfortable workspace

Don’t put up with discomfort at work… do something about it!

It’s important to feel comfortable at work – you spend a third of your life there, after all. Your workspace is the hub for all of your daily activities and if it’s not working efficiently, that discomfort you feel will be impacting on your work.

There are a number of simple things you can do to make your workspace more comfortable and the benefits range from helping you become more organised to actually improving your health.

Here are five of the easiest, most effective ways to be more comfortable at your workspace.

5 top tips to help you be more comfortable at work

1 – Personalise

Owning your own space can help you to be more comfortable. Try personalising your workspace to make you feel more at home there.

If you work in an office, your options may be limited here – but a couple of personal touches can help. Try an inspirational piece of art tacked to the vanity board or a small potted plant that can help to remind you that life isn’t all about work.

2 – Keep the space tidy

Cluttered spaces make cluttered minds. If you have to lean over piles of documents to reach the phone, can’t find important items when you need them or feel disorganised because you have no system in place, it’s time to tidy.

Get rid of everything you don’t need by throwing it out or storing as appropriate and only keep essential items on your desk.

3 – Become more organised

Linked to the previous point, being more organised is easier when there’s less clutter. Employ methods of organisation such as filing, to-do lists or document management systems.

Your paperwork should be stored in a way that reflects your work process – prioritise in terms of deadlines and store the most crucial items nearest you.

4 – Buy an ergonomic chair

You sit in your chair for hours every day. If it’s not fit for purpose, you may be more than uncomfortable – you may be damaging your health.

Posture is important when sitting at a desk for long periods. You don’t want to slouch, but nor do you want your back to be too straight either. A well-designed ergonomic chair should be customisable and adjustable to your own needs and will hold your back in the optimum position for comfort.

5 – Invest in a better desk

This is perhaps the most crucial item of all. A poorly-designed or ageing desk can cause no end of problems. Not enough space for storage, the wrong height, no drawers – each of these has its downsides.

Invest in your working life by investing in a modern, ergonomically-designed desk with appropriate storage and you’ll feel more comfortable and productive almost immediately.

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