Workplace comfort: How to make everyone feel good at work

Workplace comfort: How to make everyone feel good at work
Let’s make your employees THIS happy!

Did you know that our environment can actually affect our productivity? Not only that, the office space we work in can actually have a massive impact on our job satisfaction.

Many people who feel bored, ground down or otherwise dissatisfied might actually be responding to the environment around them – and we’re not talking New Age theories here, but actual, practical reasons why it’s harder to work in some spaces than others.

Redesigning or refitting the office could boost morale and productivity, so here are some ways in which you can make your staff feel better at work.

Feeling better by improving the workspace

Better storage

Improved storage furniture can help make life easier for everyone. Keeping the office environment free of clutter clears the mind and makes it easier when you come to do work.

Keeping only what you need on your desk is a superb way to stay focussed and productive, so employ good quality storage solutions for all the documentation and filing that you need to use every day.

Proper storage facilities also improve your working life when you come to need a file that’s been stored away. Clean, efficient storage makes it easier to find what you need, reducing frustration and bringing calm to the working environment.

Better lighting

When you’re looking at a screen or documents all day, it’s important that the office is well lit. Employ as much natural lighting as possible during spring and summer months or if that’s not possible, make sure that overhead light is kept up to date.

Daylight bulbs actually help you to focus and prevent tiredness as they work in harmony with your body’s natural circadian rhythms.

Desk lighting is important too and something that many offices don’t use. Where possible, staff should have desk lamps that can they can adjust to their preference.

Whatever you do, make sure that fluorescent or overhead lighting doesn’t flicker – it can cause tiredness and headaches.

Cable tidies

In modern offices you can sometimes feel as if you’re being strangled by a multitude of cables. With most of our work now done electronically we need multiple cables from our desks just to get the job done.

Where possible, employ wifi printers and the like as they’ll reduce the need for cables completely, but where that’s not a practical solution, desks with integrated cable tidy systems will make life easier and safer – no chance of tripping over something on your way to the printer.

For the finishing touch, our Commerce II Deluxe White Office Desks are perfect

These are just some of the things you can do to help your staff feel more comfortable at work. One solution is to replace outdated desks; for instance, our Commerce II Deluxe White Office Desks are modern and practical and could be a solution to your problems.

Commerce II Deluxe White Office Desks come in three styles and a choice of silver or white frames and each has an integrated cable port for keeping cables safely out of the way. You can opt to use modesty panels if staff would like some privacy or go for the open-plan look.

With an excellent 8-year guarantee these desks are built to see you into the future. Take a look at the full range, including matching storage options, here and talk to our sales team for advice.

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