10 ways to make your office more fun!

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Is your office ever this fun?

We spend a third of our lives at work, so it’s important we learn how to be able to enjoy our time at the office more. It doesn’t have to be all deadlines, targets and workloads, you know.

Here are ten top tips for making the office more fun. Implement even some of them and you’ll find the atmosphere lifts and morale starts to improve almost immediately.

10 tips for making time at the office more fun

1 – Make it more homely

While it’s good to have a separation between work and home life, that doesn’t mean our work can’t feel homely. Soften edges, create comfortable breakout areas and generally make the office cosier and staff will be more relaxed.

2 – Employee downtime

This doesn’t just mean allowing legal breaks during the day. Progressive employers are creating spaces where staff can go to relax, including games rooms, chill-out areas and the like.

Think how much more creative your employees will feel if they’re sharing ideas while playing table tennis, for example.

3 – Make the office open plan

Open-plan offices encourage staff to talk more – and not always to their own team members. Think more about a hybrid office space that has open-plan main areas with private rooms and breakout areas.

4 – Get green-fingered

It’s a great idea to have more plants around the office. Creative oases of greenery will remind staff that life isn’t all work and plants encourage more oxygen in the area – which might just dispel that post-lunch slump!

5 – Encourage creativity

Create a space that allows and encourages your staff to be more creative. Spaces in which people can be more creative with their own jobs can encourage spectacular new ideas.

6 – Have a games area

A games area is a great idea for lunch breaks. Staff can chat with colleagues, share ideas and let off steam and it encourages a little more exercise too.

7 – Have a social life

The worst thing you can do is mandate social activity – people have busy lives and often want to get home to their families. Yet social activity with colleagues is great for bonding. Encourage occasional (and spontaneous) social occasions. Summer sports events are good for gathering people together for some relaxed social time.

8 – Foster collaboration

Open-plan offices do this, but it’s important that you encourage it yourself. Reward people for small achievements, particularly when those are as a result of cross-team collaboration.

9 – Encourage hobbies

Run workshops or have spaces where staff can take up new hobbies or practice existing ones and they’ll come to value the workplace as somewhere more than just where they get paid.

10 – Refit the workspace

Have a complete clear out and get some new furniture in. The novelty will boost morale, but it’s also a chance to subtly change company culture to one that values more fun and creativity.

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