Choosing the right desk for your open plan office design

Commerce II Bench Office Desks
Bench desks work perfectly for a contemporary, open plan office

In terms of interior design, the workplace has become a bit of a battlefield in recent years. Since the 90s, the trend towards open plan offices was a reaction to the “chicken farm” cubicles that had come to represent the modern office space since the 1950s.

However, in recent years, even that trend has been bucked. Truly open-plan office spaces can be noisy and distracting and still often line up workers in rows.

The latest trend in open-plan design

The latest trend could be the one that sticks for the office of the future, though. Hybrid space, that is, a combination of cubicle and open-plan, are taking off across America and here in the UK.

These are spaces designed as modular units: rows of bench desks with no partitions that foster communication and partnership, with no dividers to come between colleagues, combined with private offices, communal areas and private, soundproof rooms.

These office spaces are truly inspirational – they encourage shared working while also allowing workers privacy or downtime when they need it, as well as shared spaces where teams can break away from their desks to work together.

Choosing the right desks for your space

If you’re looking to refit the office into a more modern, innovative workspace, the style of choice is still the bench desk. These made a comeback in the last five years or so, as they not only encourage a more open, collaborative environment, they also allow you to fit more desks into a space.

Bench desks come with or without dividers so can be tailored to suit specific teams. They are also versatile – they can be grouped into “pods” or set up in rows as required.

If you’re looking to make an impression, the current trend for white bench desks will make an impact. Minimalistic in nature, white bench desks are inspired by the creative industries which often value clean, simple lines in their office spaces.

Bench desks are incredibly customisable

Group together a set of bench desks into pods that can be used for hot-desking or as “touchdown” areas that allow fast access to computers set up to provide information.

Set them up in a few offices that are used on a bookable basis – spaces workers can book themselves into when they need some quiet time or to concentrate on a complex task.

Use bench desks in collaborative spaces where teams can get together to strategise or join teleconferences, or create breakout areas that provide a more relaxed environment for staff to get together.

Bench desks, as you can see, are almost infinitely customisable and because of their compact nature, you can achieve all this in your existing space.

We recommend Commerce II Bench Office Desks

For the very best in modern furniture, take a look at our Commerce II Bench Office Desks. They come with free delivery and professional installation and come with a variety of coordinating add-ons for storage, including drawer pedestals, bookcases and cupboards.

Commerce II Bench Office Desks are available in three subtle finishes, including white, so you can create an office workspace that is comfortable, inspiring and on-trend. Check out the full range here and talk to our sales team if you’d like some advice on putting together the perfect modern working environment.

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