Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks

Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks come in an elegant new shape for contemporary offices. You will be able to provide your staff with spacious workstations with Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks. The best part of this office furniture is that it comes with integrated cable management which helps you conceal all the cables saving your office from unsightly web of cables. This is not some cheap imported office furniture, Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks are manufactured in the UK as per UK standards. These office desks make the best use of space when they are used in clusters. The innovative new design gives plenty of space even after placing your computer.

This innovative office furniture comes from one of the most trusted brands from the UK. You will not have to therefore worry about the quality of your office desks when you choose Triumph Everyday office desks. The desktops are made of strong 25mm thick MFC boards for added strength and durability.

As part of integrated cable management, the desk features three round cable ports with silver finish. The desk also comes with modesty panels that are made of 18mm MFC board. The modesty panel will match the colour of the desk. Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks offers seven colour options for you to choose and most of them in various wood shades.

To give the entire desk a strong framework, heavy gauge cantilever frame is used and the cantilever framework is epoxy coated. The leg design deserves to be noted here, your desks cable management system is integrated to the table leg design. The removable panels will allow you to keep the computer cables and other equipment cables concealed neatly. You will be able to install these desks even on uneven surfaces as the desks come with height levelling attachments. Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks comes in two size variants with the depth varying from 600 mm and 800 mm.

If you want to create highly spacious workstations that took minimum ground space then Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks will be the best option. You will be able to improve the standard of your office with these office desks. You can even avail professional installation assistance when you order Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks.

By ordering your Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks from authorized dealers you can ensure genuine products. Moreover, your online dealer should deliver the products on time so it is your responsibility to select an online store with good reputation. Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks are suitable for offices of all sizes, you can add as many clusters as you need to accommodate your staff and still have plenty of room for other office furniture. As these office desks are made available in standard colours, you will not face problems in finding matching office furniture. Look for online stores that deliver your Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks free of cost for further savings. You will certainly get the best value for your money choosing Triumph Everyday Office 120° Desks.

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