Top tips for creating a tranquil workspace

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Have you ever been this relaxed at work?

There’s no escaping it: work can, and often is, stressful. We work long hours, often doing the job two or even three people would have done 15 years ago. That said, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Careful consideration of our working environment and how we plan out our days can go a long way to making work calmer, more tranquil and even enjoyable.

Read over our 5 fantastic tips to help you create a more tranquil workspace.

5 great ways to make your workspace calmer

1 – De-clutter

The easiest and fastest way to a more tranquil workspace is to get rid of clutter. Whether you prefer to work minimally or are a hoarder, a clear out of your desk space can be a wonderful way to clear your mind and decluttering your space makes you think about what you need.

Remove everything from your desk. Place it into three piles – one for the stuff you no longer have any use for, one for items you use regularly but not daily and a final one for the daily items.

Bin everything in the first. If it has no use, it goes. The second pile should be stored in easily accessible places. Out of sight, but not necessarily out of mind. The final pile goes back on your desk, but think carefully about the layout.

2 – Introduce more greens

We’re all told we should eat more greens, but what about introducing some plant life to your workspace? Plants can bring a sense of calm, remind you that there’s more to life than just work and oxygenate the air so you feel less tired. Just remember to water!

3 – Sort out your lighting

Poor lighting can give you headaches, make you feel sluggish and even increase anxiety. Flickering lights need to go, but beyond that, it depends on your personal taste. Opt for low, sculptural lighting or bright daylight bulbs depending on your work and/or taste.

4 – Add more noise?

This one might seem counterproductive. Surely less noise is more conducive to calm? Actually, working in silence can be distracting and might put you off your work as your mind wanders or turns to noises you hear outside.

Add some background noise with one of the many browser extensions now available – choose from running water, crackling fires, white noise or a combination of many. You might just find you feel calmer.

5 – Replace your desk and chair

This is an important one. For your comfort and health, it’s important that your workspace is ergonomic and if you’re uncomfortable, you’re more likely to be distracted and irritable.

Treat yourself to a brand-new desk and chair, optimised for comfort and adjusted to suit your own needs. You’ll feel less agitated, with the benefit that a new workspace is also a good time to go back to the first tip and declutter.

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