Making your office desk more ergonomic, the easy way

Making your office desk more ergonomic, the easy way
Keeping your desk clear of clutter can help to make it more ergonomic too

How often over the course of a working day do you ever stop and think about the demands you make on your body? Sure, sedentary work means you’re hardly giving your body a gruelling workout at your desk, but you’re punishing it in all kinds of other ways.

The way you sit at your desk determines your posture, how often you have to reach for items and how you move your neck over the course of the day. Do any of these incorrectly and you’re storing up problems for the future.

Luckily, making your office desk more ergonomic can help.

Sit up straight! Or maybe not…

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.”

-Morihei Ueshiba

There’s a reason martial artists and monks of every faith and spirituality consider stance and posture to be important – how you sit can affect how you feel. If you’re not convinced, stop what you’re doing, right now.

Stop and think about your body. Can you feel twinges or aches? Maybe your neck or lower back feels a little sore. Over the course of just this day, you’ve probably forced your body into all kinds of unnatural positions.

Sitting hunched over your keyboard, straining to look down at your monitor or over-reaching for those items you use every day puts all kinds of stress on your musculoskeletal system. Instead, adjust your desk and chair for the optimum position – elbows at 90 degrees, legs the same, with your hands just resting comfortably at the keyboard.

Conversely, we’re taught to sit up straight and tuck in our tailbones. However, pull your seat away from the desk and sit comfortably and you’ll probably find your back isn’t as straight as you think it should be. Remember to sit in the right position, but be relaxed.

A relaxed posture means a more relaxed state of mind.

Think workflow when using your desk

If your desk and chair are properly positioned, you could still put undue strain on your body by constantly over-reaching.

Think about the workflow of your desk – does it match the workflow of your duties? Or are there instead myriad items in piles, in inaccessible places?

It’s time for a clear-out. Get rid of everything you don’t use on a daily basis – be ruthless, either straight in the bin if it’s no longer needed, or filed and stored away appropriately depending on how often you use it. Only keep daily items on your desk and ensure that the layout of your desk fits your working routine.

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  1. Posture is everything, especially when it comes to working long hours in front of a desk. I love this information, I’m a huge fan of ergonomic furniture, it makes a huge difference in the office. Relaxation at work is ideal for health and productivity.

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