How to Organise Your Desk

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How to Organise Your Desk

Whether it’s a new year, a new job or you’re simply looking for a refresh, organising your desk can have many benefits. A clear, organised desk can boost your productivity, help you concentrate and helps to limit mistakes. After all, messy desks have been found to cause issues, including judgement from colleagues. Clearing the space in front of you is not only good for your work, but for your mind too. Use the following as inspiration to give your desk the organisation it needs for more harmonious, de-cluttered working.


A more organised desk

Take it all away!

We’ve all envied those scenes in film/TV where people literally throw everything off their desks, and now you can (minus the expensive IT equipment!). Clear everything off your desk and start with a blank canvas. This includes the actual desktop as well as any drawers, storage units and organisers you might have. This will help you identify straight away what can be thrown out, and let you give your desk a deep clean before you add to it again. If your desk in is a poor condition, you may need to consider purchasing a new desk, like Commerce II office desks.


Set your station up correctly

Now is the time to make sure your work station is set up for your personal use. Your monitor should be placed at eye-level and around 17 inches away from your body. Your phone, mouse and keyboard should be within easy reach, so that you can access them without stretching or straining. Make sure that your chair and desk is adjusted accordingly too. Keep any office supplies such as pens, pencils etc., that you use regularly on your desk – in a pot or other kind of storage container. Anything used infrequently (stapler, hole punch, scissors) can go into a drawer.


Add some personal items, but not too many

Your desk can be a reflection of your personality, so if you want to buy co-ordinating stationary or use a certain colour scheme, you can. Add some personal items such as a mug, a mouse mat or even some photo frames, but try not to go overboard. Whilst these items can instil some positivity, too many can be a distraction.


Have a mini clear out each day

A desk full of Post It notes, scribbled phone messages, receipts and other clutter can soon build up, leaving you back in the mess you started with. By starting off each morning by getting rid of what you no longer need, you can start the day off fresh, as well as remind yourself of any tasks you need to do that day.


Need a new desk? Try Commerce II Office Desks

If you’re in need of a whole new desk, then Commerce II office desks could be a good option for you. With different styles featuring clear workspaces, built in drawers and other combinations, Commerce II office desks come in different designs to suit your needs and tastes.

De-clutter your workspace and enjoy a newly organised desk to boost your productivity in the office.

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