How your office design can boost productivity

office design and productivity
Could office design help YOU improve productivity?

Did you know that the design of the office you work in can actually affect your productivity in a variety of positive and negative ways?

Peldon Rose, a very successful office refurb and design agency based in London, carried out a wide-ranging survey of workplaces in the capital to see how different factors in the workplace affect productivity.

Some of the results reveal interesting information about how the design of an office can reduce or boost productivity and could be worth implementing. Read on for some of the hot takes from the survey.

What a productivity survey revealed about office design


We’ve known about this for a long time, but it’s worthwhile reading actually employee data on this. The survey found that a massive 70% of workers feel bored sitting all day at their desks.

65% of employees say they wanted better choice in terms of work spaces they could choose to work from to break up the monotony of the day.

This suggests that the current trend for “hybrid” office layouts – with a combination of desk banks, hot-desking, breakout areas, private bookable offices and open plan canteen/lounges is what employees really want.

Lighting and Temperature

67% of respondents said they were more motivated in summer months.

Only 7% of people felt they were more motivated during winter. Combine that with a huge 80% of people suggesting they are affected by Seasonally Adjusted Motivation (SAM) and you have a problem with half of your working year.

Combatting SAM and winter de-motivation can be done by introducing as much natural light into the office as possible. Where that’s not possible, your choice of lighting is crucial – dull, flickering overhead fluorescent lights are a bad choice. They can bring on headaches and never replicate daylight enough to stay in sync with the body’s circadian rhythms.

Bring in daylight bulbs, similar to those used by artists during winter.

Health & wellbeing

Only 19% of people said they had the choice of free fruit or breakfast at the office.

While this may seem like a luxury, offering healthy breakfast to people who have to get up early to travel to work could actually boost productivity.

Not only that, but as an employer, you should be looking after your employees’ health. Employee engagement is the latest HR trend which just means putting the focus on workers’ job satisfaction.

Offering healthy options shows you care, and could reduce absenteeism from sickness in the long run.

Home from home

Employees work better in comfortable environments – it’s as simple as that.

Make the office more comfortable by introducing soft furniture like sofas. They can improve acoustics in open-plan workspaces by soaking up some of the sound and they give employees a place to meet for informal meeting away from the desks.

Offering showers and bike storage helps your staff to be healthier too.

Polar Office Desks can contribute to a more productive workspace

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