Five ways your office could be benefitting from ergonomic furniture

BN SQart Veneer Managerial Desks
Could a desk like this do more for your business than just improve its appearance?

Believe it or not, swapping out your old office furniture for brand-new, ergonomically-designed pieces could seriously improve the working of lives of you and your staff.

It’s becoming increasingly important to design office spaces that are not only fit for the number of employees you have, but which are also comfortable, improve morale and foster productivity and collaboration.

There’s a whole host of ways in which you can improve the work environment using ergonomic furniture, but here’s a list of the top five reasons to get your inspired to make some changes.

5 ways ergonomic furniture could improve the workspace

1 – Improve employee health – reduce absenteeism

Poorly designed workstations and desks not only reduce your staffs’ efficiency, it can also harm their health. Ergonomics studies show that employees are at risk of a number of ailments from repetitive strain injury and back pain to cervical disc herniation.

That means absenteeism or worse, personal injury claims. Looking after employees’ health could save you money in the future.

2 – Boost morale

Freshening up the office with contemporary, ergonomic furniture will give your staff a boost. They’ll feel inspired and you’ll see productivity and employee satisfaction go through the roof.

It’s a simple transaction – if you are seen to be investing in your employees, they’ll invest in you in return.

3 – Encourage collaboration

Stuffy, cramped working environments filled with cubicle offices and walled-off teams are definitely a thing of the past.

The creative industry ushered in the new trend for open-plan workspaces with bench desks, hot-desking and breakout booths that encourage cross-team collaboration. Give your workers freedom to move around and you’ll find they start generating ideas for the business.

4 – Present a better company image

If you ever have to invite clients to the office, it’s likely that you’ve had that mad scramble beforehand to ensure the place is presentable. However, all of the desk tidying and storage in the world won’t make that first impression better if the furniture is worn.

Conversely, a new office refit that shows you care about your employees will impress clients and the expenditure alone will show them that you’re not going anywhere in a hurry. Project planning for the future shows them you’re looking at growth, which will encourage more business.

5 – Reduce costs

On top of the money lost due to lack of retention, absenteeism and possible injury claims, the upkeep and maintenance alone on your current office furniture could be harming your bottom line.

Freshening up also means purchasing desks and storage made with the latest designs and materials and choosing a range that offers a good guarantee means you’re actually investing in the future and saving money in the long run.

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