Could better office desks make your office a safer workplace?

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Don’t put up with old and damaged desks…

You might not realise this, but the office furniture you supply your staff with could be harmful to their health and safety. As an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure that you take all appropriate action to keep your staff from coming to harm during the course of their work.

In the UK, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)  regularly issues comprehensive guidance on office supplies and furniture. This cover everything from ergonomics to the types of material used.

To help you navigate the world of office furniture health and safety and to decide if it would be a good idea to upgrade your office desks, read on.

Health and safety in the workplace

As an employer, you have a responsibility to make sure you take all reasonable precautions to prevent employees coming to harm. This includes assessing the furniture regularly to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Old or ageing furniture, furniture that has become damaged and not repaired as well as pieces not designed for proper ergonomics can all lead to employee injury.

If an employee is harmed, whether due to a desk collapsing or from repetitive strain injury because their desk is too low, for example, you could not only run afoul of the HSE, you could also find yourself in litigation for damages.

How your furniture can help

The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to upgrade your desks. Choosing a whole new suite of furniture for the office will ensure that all worker’s desks, drawer pedestals and storage cupboards are made with modern, hard-wearing materials that meet the latest health and safety requirements.

They will also be designed to ensure good ergonomics – with a little training, your staff will be able to adjust and customise their furniture to their own specific needs. This will reduce absenteeism, sickness and possible personal injury claims.

There are other benefits too. Your workforce will be happier and more productive if they know you are looking out for their needs and they’ll be comfortable too. You’ll freshen up the office culture and your brand image, which is impressive for clients to see.

Andorra Real Wood Veneer Office Desks

Now that you know new office desks will make for a safer workplace, it’s time to choose the perfect range. How about our Andorra Real Wood Veneer Office Desks? This executive range is designed to make a real statement. Beautifully finished in a real rosewood veneer, the desks and storage add-ons are, however, also thoroughly modern in design.

Andorra Real Wood Veneer Office Desks come with a 5-year guarantee, lockable storage space and square glides finished in bronze. Companion meeting room tables and desks mean your clients can also enjoy the exquisite luxury of your brand-new office.

You can view the entire range here and if you’d like some help in choosing the right combination of pieces, you can talk to our friendly sales team, who will be happy to help.

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