Stopping back pain at work: Easy ergonomics for you

back pain at work
Don’t accept back pain in the workplace…

You cannot be expected to become an ergonomic expert over-night. If you already have a busy job or run a busy office, you simply don’t have time to read up on huge training manuals. However, there are a few key facts that you should know about ergonomics so that you can help to prevent back pain in yourself or in your employees. If you are just about to invest in some new office furniture such as next day Vogue Desks, you need to read these key facts about ergonomics.

Three key facts about back pain and work

Here are the three top important facts that you need to know about back pain in the workplace:

  1. Back pain can be caused by manual handling. Some back pain is caused by lifting and carrying in an inappropriate way. There are rules and regulations which govern how and when an employee should lift loads. If these are not adhered to, back injuries can result. This sort of back pain is usually treated by a doctor and most people will recover eventually. The pain can be caused by a one-off heavy lift or by repetitive lifting.
  2. Chronic (long term) back pain can be caused by posture at work. When you sit at a desk, your spine is in a flexed position (bent forward) and this can mean that your muscles stop working efficiently. It is thought that this can make your back sensitive to injuries that you would have otherwise avoided. This means that your posture at work affects what you do in the rest of your life as well.
  3. Office jobs can make a bad back worse. If you already have a bad back, an office job can make it worse. You may find that your back is especially painful when you are sat at your desk or after a long day at work. Many people resort to painkillers to get them through the day.

The good news is that you do not have to put up with back pain at work. There is plenty that you can do to protect your spine.

Making changes with next day Vogue Desks for ergonomic health

Once your next day Vogue Desks arrive, here’s how you can maximise the benefit.

  • Think about the position of your back. Do you feel that your lower back is curved naturally forward? This is the correct position and reduces the strain on the back.
  • Adjust the height of your chair. When you are sat at your desk, your forearms should be resting at a 90-degree angle and your wrists should not be higher than your elbows. This will allow your shoulders to drop and relax.
  • Keep your feet on the floor. If your feet are swinging in mid-air, your seat height is too high and you need to adjust it!

If you have not yet invested in ergonomic office furniture you can view a huge range at Office Furniture Online. Here you can make an investment to cut out back pain from your life – for good.

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