Spring clean your home office

Coba Clean Step Entrance Mats
Coba Clean Step Entrance Mats

If you step back from your home office what would it look like without the office furniture?  Is it cluttered? Is it organised? Is your office furniture right for you? Does the paintwork need another coat?

If you have had your home office for a while then you are sure to have let certain items stack up or clutter parts of the room.  Additionally, if you have had your office furniture for a long time and the office hasn’t seen a paint brush for years then maybe it is time to spruce it up for summer and give yourself a much needed boost in the process.

If your office chair gives you ache and pains during the day it isn’t the right chair for you and continuing to use it will make matters worse for your spine.  Make sure from a health perspective that you concentrate on this first.  A good ergonomic office chair will support you and keep you comfortable through the whole day which means that you will work more efficiently.

If you see that your office is cluttered with office furniture items then remove the items that you never use, if there is still little space then remove the office furniture items that you haven’t used for 6 months.  There is always the odd portable photocopier that sits around in home offices without having been used for a very long time.

Have a spring clean – it’s the perfect time to clear out papers and file away important documents clear the entire office until the floor is clear and there are no piles of paperwork.

Give the office a lick of paint and make it look new again and when you have finished sprucing up your office with a spring facelift then maybe you could have a look for an inspiration landscape or mood inducing painting that catches your eye and hang it on your wall.

Even if you don’t need to buy office furniture right away a good clean and some minimal decoration can make you feel very different about visiting the home office every day.

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