Selecting the right office desks shape for your office

Rectangular Desks
Rectangular Desks

There are four main office desk shapes and various permutations of them.

1. Basic rectangular office desk.
2. Ergonomic office desk.
3. Wave office desk.
4. Circular office desk

Standard rectangular office desks have always been the most common design shape as they are functional and fit together easily, but with increase in computer use other shaped desks are finding favour.

Ergonomic office desks  allow easy access to your desktop whilst minimising the need to reach and strain.  They are very good for computer users as the monitor and keyboard can be positioned at the curved corner allowing access to the computer mouse. With the pc in the corner the rest of the desk is free to arrange your work.

Wave office desks have one end slightly wider than the other.  This is a great layout where space is limited but where a full size desk would take up to much room, a wave desk allows enought depth for a computer or to layout your work but without taking too much room up.

Wave desks can be can be arranged in pairs with either the narrowest or widest part meeting. This not only functional but can also add some style to your office layout.

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