Points to consider when choosing an office chair

Office Chairs, Leather Office Chairs and Home Office Chairs
Office Chairs, Leather Office Chairs and Home Office Chairs

A fundamental rule of ergonomics is that there is no such thing as an average person.  Thats why its important if your workers are sitting at their desks for any length of time to provide them with office chairs which can be adjusted to suite their body shape.

Choose a chair with:

  • Controls that are easy to operate whilst seated
  • A seat with both adjustable height and tilt
  • Does not put pressure to the back of thighs
  • A seat with a ‘Water fall’ front edge
  • Breathable, non-slip fabric
  • Good lower back support
  • A good stable base
  • Casters suitable for the type of flooring
  • A swivel mechanism for easy access to the desk
  • Armrests that do not interfere with the office desk

Armrests have generally not  been recommended as they can prevent the user from getting close to the office desk. However, armrest are available today which  extend only partly from the back of the seat allowing enough area to rest the arm but allowing the chair to get close enough to the desk to prevent slouching forward.


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